Saturday, December 27, 2008

We're still here :)

Well, after more than seven months now, I decided it was time to re-join the land of the bloggers. I wish I had a better excuse for my lack of blogging, but it really has just been crazy! And rather than try and fill you in of the past seven months, we're just going to pick up where we're at. Suffice to say we had a great summer and are having a pretty good winter as well. (Except that it's freezing...I don't know what I expect, this is Alaska after all. But, it just seems so cold for so stinking long sometimes!)

And now it's Christmas!! Where did 2008 go?? I cannot believe how fast the last couple of years have just flown by! Ben is growing and getting so big. He's talking more and more every day. And Corey and I are understanding more and more of what he says every day also...which is a big part of it with a 19 month old! It's so funny to watch him get frustrated with us because we can't make out what he is saying when you can tell that he knows exactly what he is trying to convey and just doesn't know what our problem is! :) We had a good Christmas at home this year. We were supposed to be in Texas and Mississippi with the family but because of my work (the office being short-handed and me being in a new position) and money it just didn't pan out. So, we stayed here in Alaska and had kind of a quiet Christmas with my parents. Ben made out like a bandit as always! He got all sorts of Veggie Tales stuff and some books and other toys. He also got a little drumset which he has played almost non-stop since he opened it! (Thanks goes out to Aunt Leana for that one.) Here are some pictures from our Christmas day. Enjoy :)

A new family tradition - Jesus' Birthday Cake (Crazy lettering due to crazy frosting can...definitely not operator

They had all the excitement they could handle for one day :)

And here comes the drum set...
He's totally gonna be a rockstar! :)
Well, that's about it for now. More to come soon though...I promise! :)


Krista, Darrell and Riley said...

Yeah! You posted. Looks like Ben had a great Christmas. Wish we could have been together this year. Love ya'll.

Jen said...

Aw, Ben is getting so big!! :) Merry Christmas!