Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And then some...

After much prompting & nudging by the Holy Spirit, Corey and I have jumped in to life as foster parents and the thought struck me that I should dredge this blog back up, brush the dust off and use it to document our journey. Of course no actual names or identifying photos will be revealed of those that are in our care but we will share our ups, downs and random ramblings along the way.

Our journey started with a call a couple of weeks ago. We had put in our application, had one home visit with our ageny's licensing rep for inspection and been fingerprinted but hadn't heard much back about our licensure until all of the sudden, we got a call that they needed a home to place two (YES, 2!!) 1-year-olds. After the shock wore off, we accepted the challenge. :) We jumped in with both feet and accepted these four precious feet into our home.

Being brand new at this, we are just trusting in the Lord to guide us every step of the way. We really feel called right now just to "love them like they are ours while they are 'ours'", however long that may be. We do hope that the Lord will, at some point, bless us with the opportunity to adopt again but are waiting on Him and His timing.

One of the most interesting parts of this new adventure has been figuring out how to explain it to our now 5-year-old Ben. It's hard to put the whole idea of foster care into a 5-year-old perspective but when he told someone that we had babies staying with us "until their owners came to get them", we figured he at least kind of gets it...kind It has been quite an adjustment for him but he is doing well for the most part. He's had a couple of meltdowns but we've been making sure to give him lots of cuddles and some extra space here and there and also to give him special ways to help with the babies so he feels a part of the process and not just a spectator.

So, I suppose that's it for now...Blessings to you and yours!